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CMA underclassmen explore the wonderful world of technology through a smartphone.

Sprint's 1Million Projects puts smartphones in the hands of CMA freshmen

With the goal of eliminating the “Homework Gap” for low-income students, Sprint and the Sprint Foundation partnered to support 1 million high school students by offering them free smartphones, tablets, or hotspot devices. On Sept. 22, Sprint awarded Communication and Media Arts High School's freshman class with Samsung Galaxy J3 Emerge smartphones. 


Count us in! Count us up!

Communication and Media Arts High School had one of its most successful Count Days with an overall 99.9 percent of students in attendance.

Senior Free-lance Writer, Tyerra Miles

Changes to Obamacare could impact students

Trump sets out to destroy Obamacare slowly but surely. President Donald Trump said “there is no such thing as Obamacare anymore”. On October 12th 2017 President Trump signed an executive order that lead federal agencies to search for ways to increase enrollment in health plans that doesn’t meet the needs of the Affordable Care Act.

Senior Political Correspondent, Ashley Taylor

The “Stand” for justice

From the NFL Football players to celebrities to activists all over, people are taking a stand against racial injustices by kneeling/sitting during the national anthem.

At CMA's Career Day, professionals spoke to the students about careers and life. As they spoke, students took notes so they can implement in their lives. 

Career Day helps student learn about a variety of careers

Students know how important it is to be exposed by employees to have a better viewpoint on what jobs and majors they would take.  On April 25, employees from General Motors, Quicken Loans, and many other companies were at CMA notifying everyone about their background and experiences from work and in life.  Michelle Lee and Tavonne Pierce, senior corporate auditors of General Motors spoke to students about their background, personal life, and General Motors. As they spoke, students were engaged and took notes so they can implement in their lives.  When asked about her challenges in life, Michelle Lee said: “I didn’t face any challenges getting into college.


Poetry club inspires writers

Inside Out’s “City Wide Poets” has been implemented in CMA for two years. This is a premiere group that thrives on the creative ideas and writing of members.  Brittany Rogers, the sponsor of City Wide poets, said she is excited about this years’ prospects.  "I chose to start the program because of how important poetry was in my life," Rogers said.


Batter up! Spring means it's time for baseball

Baseball season is back in action for high school, college and the major league. Opening Day was April 2, and the excitement for the new season remains the same.  With the National Basketball Association’s season ending soon, it seems as if the entire sports world is focused on the sports world.  Senior Darnell Thaxter said: "I don’t usually watch baseball but basketball is about gone now and it is time to watch another sport.”  Family and friends can go and enjoy a nice baseball game and see the fan favorite Detroit Tigers. The Communication & Media Arts High School baseball team are now the only remaining of the four major sport programs students can participate in.


Seniors prep summer plans

As senior year is coming to a end, high school seniors around the country are preparing themselves for senior year by visiting vacationing hosting open houses, partying, hanging out with high school friends and shopping for apartment/dorm and even shadowing the school they're attending next fall. This summer is something they’re gonna remember for the rest of their lives, and it's where they make the biggest decision of their life.


Is Trump limiting freedom of the press?

The media delivers the news to its consumers, aiming to supply them with information that will inform citizens about what happens in the world around them.  There has been speculation as to if President Donald J.


Detroiter Farmer inspires CMA students

People in life sometimes struggle to overcome challenges and feel as if life is against them and they will never make it.  The story of Detroit native Nicole Farmer shows teens at CMA that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.  At just age 13, Nicole Farmer was pregnant and she and her grandmother did not see eye to eye.

As part of MLK Day, Communications and Media Arts High School staff, students and other volunteers came together to fix up the communities around the school.

CMA beautifies community for MLK Day

On Martin Luther King Jr Day, Communications and Media Arts High School staff, students and other volunteers came together to fix up the communities around the school to create a better and safe environment for not only the residents in the area but for many CMA students who deal with rough conditions on a daily basis.  “Helping out during the community project made me feel like a better person because I gave back to the community that I was raised in while helping future residents of the community as well," sophomore Dylan Daniels said. Leadership, communication, and strong morals were demonstrated by the students who participated in the MLK community project.

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