Fanny packs: The current fashion trend that has been making it's resurgence as of late. You can see them everywhere, school, stores, fashion shows, etc, being worn by people of all ages and backgrounds.

What caused this fashion trend from the age of the 80s to come back in such full force? It all started with Kendall Jenner. Her astounding push and pull in the world of high end fashion has had a ripple effect though the rest of the fashion. Gucci, Versace and Michael Kors have all came out in recent months with some kind of fanny pack variation, and we all see it in our community.

CMA senior Asia Ford said, “Fanny packs are beneficial and useful for people who are on the go these days.”

So not only are fanny packs stylish in the eyes of many, they’re also convenient for that on the go lifestyle, but is it really worth that 80s look? I’ll leave that decision and choice up to you.