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The student voice of Detroit's High Schools.

One of the learning centers at King where students participate in virtual learning. 

Students deal with hardships of virtual learning

COVID-19 affects many people, mentally as well as physically. The pandemic has resulted in many school districts across the country to rethink how students will learn: face-to-face, virtual, or hybrid. For many students, virtual learning can be mentally draining and overwhelming. 

“All of the water in the pool is circulated through sand filters for cleaning,” swim coach Gary Peterson said. Photo by Crusaders' Chronicle.

High school swimming: Is COVID-19 a big setback?

King is known not only for its football team but also its outstanding swim team. The Crusaders swimmers have accomplishments such as winning city championships with only eight members. During COVID-19, this team is taking precautions like other sports.


Fall Fashion Picks

As our warm weather in Michigan slowly dwindles away, one can only start to get anxious given what’s in store for for fashions here are the top essential fashion picks for fall.

James Mallett offers some advice to Anthony Hall as part of the school’s Brotherhood organization. Photo by Eric Major.

Brotherhood at the Ville

East English Village's Brotherhood organization, spearheaded by assistant principals Evege James and James Mallett, is all about teaching male students how to approach their career goals with integrity and tenacity.

Communication and Media Arts robotics team members pose for a group photo.

Robotics team grows with 7232-Pharaohs

Robotics team 7232-Pharaohs are on the uprising. The 7232-Pharaohs have won 50% of their matches. From first being in 30th to now sixth in the robotics competition. At first, just 14 students were participating now there are 42 members. 

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