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Three Detroit School of Arts students work as stage managers at a behind-the-scenes event for Kamal Smith. Being a stage manager is a job typically stereotypically meant for men.
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What does women empowerment mean to you?

Women empowerment is the theme of the decade. Whether it’s African American women expressing their rights by wearing their natural hair or Arab American women standing for their rights, society no longer invades the minds of women who desire to embrace or who are ascending from their cultural roots and standing up for their rights, including those who choose to be feminist. According to Washington Post, six in ten women and one-third of men call themselves a feminist or strong feminist, with roughly 7 in 10 of each saying the movement is empowering. Empowering Women have been impacting the feminist community with its strong purpose to prove equality for all, uplifting all women regardless of race and religion to take part in making a difference for not only society today, but for the next generation of girls.

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Filmmaker Bruce Harper talks about 'Summer '67'

Detroit School of Arts very own teen radio talk show "Can You Relate," produced and hosted by Kandi Alexander, who had the privilege of interviewing Bruce Harper, director of "Summer ‘67." This documentary is based on “the 43 lives that were lost during the 1967 rebellion," a tribute to the 50th anniversary. The documentary was originally supposed to revolved around the rebellion itself but Harper being a “Detroit supporter” did not want to encourage or create a "Detroit-bashing story.” So while looking for a different approach, he learned from a friend of his, Joe Spencer, that 43 lives were lost during the rebellion.

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DSA performs at Noel Night for second straight year

The 45th annual Noel Night held on Dec. 2 and had more than 100 venues participating in this Midtown Detroit event.  Detroit School of Arts offered several performances that evening including vocal, dance, theatre, karaoke and live music. Noel Night is a holiday event that takes place in Midtown Detroit, people can shop, eat and explore what Midtown Detroit has to offer. This was DSA's second year participating in this event and ever since, many have said they love what they see. “I love DSA and I didn’t know about the many things here.,” said Terrance Dortch. “The most fun I’ve had all night was singing karaoke.

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