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Class of 2019 prepare for greatness

<p>CMA’s class officers (right to left): Alonzo Macon, Siobhan Stringer, Tiffany Hansboro and Lawren Sparks.&nbsp;</p>

CMA’s class officers (right to left): Alonzo Macon, Siobhan Stringer, Tiffany Hansboro and Lawren Sparks. 

The last senior class of the “teens” organized this final year with the selection of officers.

Tiffany Hansbro, president; Siobhan Stringer, vice president; Alonzo Macon, secretary; and Lawren Spark, treasurer, are the new class officers.

The vision for the class centers on academic growth, networking and social bonding amongst the class. All of the officers are advancing to college and eager to participate and improve opportunities for the seniors.

Mrs. Hudson-Johnson, college transition adviser at CMA, said this year will offer more college visits, representatives for informational/onsite visits, SAT preparation courses and a wealth of scholarship opportunities. Hudson-Johnson also extended a thanks to the parents and students for the success of the Financial Aid /College night and senior meeting hosted at CMA.

The 2019 class SAT scores continue to increase with the continued support of faculty, students, and parents.

Macon said this year the seniors are way more competitive than any other class that he has seen in CMA. He said seniors are determined for greatness and no matter what challenges or obstacles are ahead seniors still persevere through it all no matter what.

Hansbro said she believes the class of 2019 seniors will be more successful than any other class in the past. She suspects that doors are being knocked down everyday for us with technology being as advanced as it is now, and is sure that 2019 will be as successful if not more successful than any other class.


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