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Detroit Police Department reaches out to DPSCD students

<p>The future of tomorrow were asked to take a picture with the DPD Officers.</p>

The future of tomorrow were asked to take a picture with the DPD Officers.

On Feb. 9, CMA, Cody, and Jalen Rose Leadership Academy each took a group of students to Ford Field for a Rise event. 

At the event the students talked about how the police are involved in our community and how they are trying to improve our city. Not only did the chief of the Detroit Police Department speak, but the colonel of Michigan State Police spoke as well, along with two retired NFL players. 

As we take a look into how Detroit is today “crime is trending down in Detroit," the chief said. He even spoke about children doing summer internships so they can get a feel of the job or to just come do a ride along. He then asked “How many have been told that they couldn't do something? “ 

The whole room raised their hands, he wanted us to know that no matter what anyone has to say about us or whatever hater there is that we can't let them get to us. 

We have to believe that we can be who we want as long as we believe in ourselves. After hearing from a panel of speakers we then broke out into three groups to talk about topics that goes on in our lives. 

One specific topic was, “How to diversify your circle.” Most times during lunch people sit with the same people everyday, then there's some person that no one wants to sit with. Sometimes it would be good to sit with the person that no one wants to sit with because everyone wants to be welcomed for who they are. 

At the end of the program the group was given the task to diversify their circle and be open to talking to new people. It's always good to have a variety of people to talk to not just one group of people.


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