Star player Waverly Bumbrey expresses his passion for basketball as he concludes his marvelous high school basketball career.

Waverly first found his love for basketball when he was in the second grade as a Ludington Bulldog. Dominating the court and showing-off his smooth handles allowed basketball to become an art for him. His aspiration to continue in this sport was watching his older brother play and witnessing how successful he became. Waverly also was very found of Lebron James, one of the most highly exalted basketball players in the NBA. Seeing Lebron’s athleticism, entrepreneurship, and admirable leadership encouraged him to become a better athlete.

Beginning his career at the age of 7, he indicated that Coach Michael Williams is one of his favorite coaches who greatly impacted him.

“He actually put effort into me, cared about me, and cared about what I wanted to be,” said Senior Waverly Bumbrey.

During his senior year, Waverly came to the realization that basketball is not all about shooting threes, but it being about thinking many steps ahead of your opponent.

Taking this knowledge with him, Waverly plans on attending Penn State University.

“I enjoyed myself this year, I hope the people that are left behind do a good job and give them a run for the district championship,” said Senior Waverly Bumbrey.