In this day and age, teens prefer to show off their personal style by expressing them through their clothing, but uniform (which has been implemented for many years) doesn’t allow their style to be represented.

While many believe uniforms are pointless and unnecessary, there’s a reason behind the uniform that students are entitled to wear. Uniforms are designed to cut down the occurrence of bullying and violence in the school environment and at the same time it prepares students for the real world.

“Uniform is an essential for establishing discipline and rules, something simple to ask students to do which shows they can follow instructions and build discipline which builds character,” said CMA teacher Mr. Dirden. 

“The uniform policy was a direct response to neighborhood violence, competition with clothing, and emerging of gangs like young boys incorporated. It was an effort to give the schools some uniformity and to minimize the victimization of theft. Students don’t have to feel the need to wear designer clothes or dress a particular way when everyone comes to school on the same plain field clothes aren’t a distraction.” said CMA Principal Donya Odom.

If you’re not wearing the high-end brands you’ll get dragged through the dirt, but due to the uniform policy everyone is required to be in the same dress code. Therefore students accessorize their uniform with flashing jewelry, designer belts, and high-end shoes to help express their creative side. Incorporating the rules and the student's unique personality has been successful throughout many schools.