One of CMA's very own had chance to not only visit Princeton University but participate in their journalism workshop. Tammie Clark, the Communicator's Editor-in-Chief, participated in Princeton’s summer journalism program. The program took place during August 3-13.

Once there, Clark had to adjust not only to the climate and culture of the prestigious university, but to the climate and culture of New Jersey and just being a student in general. From navigating the campsite to the constant workflow of the program, she has learned to do it all.

“The most challenging thing I had to face was adjusting. It was challenging because I had such a packed schedule and I to adjust to getting everything done. Almost every night we had a deadline to meet,” Clark said.

Though the experience was somewhat intense she gained a lot of skills and perspective on the world of journalism.

“There are many sides to journalism,” Clark said. “For example, you can handle it from a political,visual, or written standpoint. I learned a lot about making connections and reaching out to those who can help me as well as helping others.”