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H&M controversy proves American has "a lot of work to do"

<p>Briana Roland</p>

Briana Roland

From the beginning of time, this world has struggled with racism. This country has overcome pestilence, civil war and power struggles within our political system. It seems silly that we can overcome such monumental problems, but things such as accepting one for what they were born to be, we seem to be stuck. The root of this problem is a mystery to everyone. The reason for which there is hate between different races has absolutely no concrete reasoning.

Companies like H&M are currently defending their reputation from racial slander. Recently H&M published an advertisement of a young black boy modeling a sweater reading “Coolest Monkey in the Jungle.” H&M has received heavy ridicule over their seemingly racially insensitive ad. Since this thoughtless slip up, H&M has publicly apologized and removed the advertisement.

In result of this debacle, artist such as the Weekend have dropped their contracts with H&M. Many believe that this racially insensitive advertisement was not purposely intended to offend anyone; others completely disagree.

Communication & Media Arts HS sophomore Imari Carl said: “Honestly I feel like it was an honest mistake ... they didn’t do it to hurt anyone." 

When asked if she agreed, senior Talea Clay at River Rouge High School said: “H&M knew the exact message they were sending out, I’m sick of rich companies thinking they can get away with anything."

Situations like the H & M story remind America that we have a lot of work to do, not only as a country but as a world.


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