Senior Co-Editor & Chief, Atorria Simon

Detroit is full of talent. We range from rappers to singers to dancers -- all on the come up. 

"So far I believe I have almost fully captured the city’s attention, in addition I have views in other countries and states,” said senior Detroit rapper Duane Crawford. 

Rap music has taken the world by storm and Detroit rappers has contributed a lot. It seems that Detroit music connects to Detroiters, they can relate to it on an emotional and soulful level. Rap here, in Detroit, appeals to every mood you may be in. Whether you are happy, sad or want to reminisce, which is something rappers here is known for, you can count on the Detroit's local artist.

“I listen to music to escape from the the harsh reality,” said senior Alexus Senior. "With everyone reaching for a spotlight trying to become the next Big Sean or Dej Loaf the pressure is tough. “ 

Despite the bad stereotypical reputation Detroit has, it is not a horrible place and the music is the It is not easy for outsiders to connect to Detroit music because they don’t live here. What the artist say doesn’t have an impact on them as it does on Detroit residents that were born and raised here. Also, they are not able to relate as easily. Everyone knows “Joy Rd (bleep) but the money long as six mile ..." from Tee Grizzly, but they don’t know how long driving down Six Mile is. 

What people don't understand is that Detroit rappers have a very unique and different sound that can’t be copied or Imitated, that’s what make the sound so pure and raw that is next to break out.