Throughout the world in every teenager’s life, they're hooked on some type of social media account whether it's Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc. 

According to, 25 percent of the teenage population has experienced repeated cyberbullying. While teens are surfing these sites,some become targets and face cyberbullying. There are 20 billion teens who use Instagram and 76 percent of those teens are aged 13-17. 

“I feel like being cyberbullied is a very cruel and unfair thing to go through,because most teens have a hard time getting help and telling someone," said Junior Don’Tae Massey.

While parents and teens are desperately searching for a positive way to fix the situation, Instagram has stepped in with a possible solution. 

Toward the ending of September, Instagram enabled a new tools setting to help teens who have previously experienced cyberbullying and those who haven't. The tools were inspired by using an algorithm,which is a set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem solving operations by using a computer. This means that a cellular device or a computer can detect to see if a comment is negative or not.

There are just a few steps to have your Instagram page up and running to beat the bully.

Step 1: Update your app.

Step 2: Press the setting wheel.

Step 3: Scroll down and go to comments.

Step 4: Turn on enable keyword filters.

Step 5: Add words that you feel are abusive.

Step 6: Press allow comments from and choose the people who you want to comment whether it's your followers or not. This last step is only for those with open accounts.

“I strongly believe that the new tools setting will help,yet I'm very anxious to see what Instagram will do if someone reports any activity on cyberbullying," said sophomore Tyler Parker.