Senior fashion editor Ariel Lake

At Communication & Media Arts High School, students kicked off Black History Month on the right foot. Students came together to celebrate the beauty of their culture by embracing their Afrocentrism; adding a twist of their motherland, students incorporated beaded braids, kinky hair, and dashikis to symbolize their African heritage.

It’s always been difficult being black in America. Appreciating the natural aspects of black culture would induce harsh criticism, but not in today’s society. Today, people are becoming increasingly comfortable with their roots and continue to embrace everything their culture has to offer, whether it’s hair, clothing or food.

CMA Student Kiana Summers said: “I feel like my hair is me and I care for my hair to the best of my ability because it reminds me of my heritage. I love every curl, wave and kink.”

“My hair makes me feel confident, it’s my favorite thing about me," CMA's Takara Smith said. "It’s one of my best features, it shows my hair is just as big as my personality. I just love my hair it allows me to express myself.”

Notable figures who embrace the melanin of their skin and culture of their ancestors includes: Erykah Badu, Alicia Keys Lupita Nyong’o, Donald Glover, Solange Knowles, Yara Shahidi, Colin Kaepernick,  Janelle Monae and Oprah Winfrey.