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Better education at a lower price?

What if I told you that you could possibly go to one of the best colleges in the the country, free of cost?

America’s most prestigious colleges and universities are giving free tuition to admitted students if they make less than $125,000-140,000 and no out of pocket costs for school for those of whom who make less than $65,000.

“The threshold for a full ride is really low and puts people who make a little more in a predicament,” said senior Jeryn Washington.

College is a very expensive investment, however our top colleges for instance: Rice University, University of Chicago, and Stanford University are making that investment reasonable.

Many underrepresented impoverished and lower class individuals see these colleges as inaccessible because of their high demanding costs. This discourages many people to even to apply to these schools.

“I think it's fantastic to mingle with the top students in the country, these schools are your dream schools and with these scholarships, it lets your dreams come true,” said CMA college counselor Mrs. Hudson-Johnson.

These colleges are also making strides in becoming test optional, which sees the student as more of an individual rather than a test score, as well as carrying more weight on extracurricular activities.

These attempts to admit unrepresented groups has come into effect this year, making the class of 2023 the first recipients of this gracious aid, equalling more than $5 billion.

“Our highest priority is to remain affordable and accessible to the most talented students, regardless of their financial circumstances,” Stanford provost John Etchemendy wrote on Stanford’s website in 2015.


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