In the ancient civilizations, pharaohs were considered Gods and Kings. Here at Communication and Media Arts High School, we are considered pharaohs; not only because of academics, but because of our dreams, talents, and goals. Senior Kayla Mallory took the fashion world by storm by starting her own clothing line, which she created during her junior year at CMA.

“I’ve always wanted to be a fashion designer since I was in fifth grade, and 11th grade was the year I decided to take action," she said. "I always said I didn’t want to work for anybody, I’m a very independent individual and I want to be a leader."

She has two clothing lines and another one launching in December. 

The first line, "Detroit Heavy Hitters," stands for an important or powerful person. 

“This line represents the strength the people in Detroit possess, how we can overcome any and everything through our hard work, dedication and perseverance,” said Mallory. 

Her first clothing line did so well that she decided in August to work on her second line, “Self Made Hustle,” which means becoming successful by one's own effort. 

“The ‘Hustle’ part is supposed to have a positive denotation. It’s about being a go-getter and hungry for success," Mallory said.