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Brittney Dobbins: Osborn ... I see you, and I have the mic

Hello Osborn Knights! How you doing? My name is Brittney Dobbins, and I am a senior at OPrep, captain of the Osborn cheer team and soon to be the OPrep salutatorian. I am also the new campus paparazzi. As your new senior paparazzi, I’m going to capture everything, so watch out, I’ll be looking and as Kermit says, it might not be none of my business. Since I now have the mic, just wanted to give a few shout outs to some Osborn athletes this month — don’t worry spring teams, I gotcha! I’ll start with the basketball team, I know y’all gone put in the work this season y’all always do.

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Jakobi Lundy-Bass: Love for debate is not debatable

In my days of debate I have seen a lot of things take place. The growth of critical debate in my regional rounds, the way critical debate has affected my relationship with some of the people in my life, and the interesting ways in which I meet people. The door to my future opened as I was trying to formulate what I wanted to do with my life and devising ways to get there.

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