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Renaissance: Snyder’s Plan Splits DPS into Two

By Dezjuan Hardeman Staff Writer

Governor Snyder presented a plan of action to revamp the DPS school system. This plan would include splitting the system into an “old company” and “new company” similar to a plan General Motors executed when the corporation was faced with bankruptcy.

“I believe that this plan would not be effective due to Snyder’s previous attempts at plans

to revamp and assist Detroit”, said freshman Peyton Morgan.

The old company, the currently DPS existing, would focus on DPS’ immense debt load and would only serve to pay off the debt working with two sources in Legislature and the governor. The debt would be paid off by directing a non-homestead tax to gradually reduce the debt load.

“I can accredit him for this plan, however I don’t think it would be effective by executing another tax to reduce debt”, said senior Ethan Beard.

The new company would focus on educating the students of DPS in a charter school like system in order to separate the debt from the new districts. By dividing DPS it would work so that its debt could be paid off while being able to educate DPS students while not affecting student’s education due to the system’s debt.

    “It’s a good plan, but I think that teachers would disagree because they would be paid less”, said senior Mafellus Fuller.


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