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CMA: 'Life is what you make it, teachers can’t teach you everything'

By Wesley Mulligan Staff Writer

Creating, planning, brainstorming are all gifts that lie within humans, but not everyone embodies the art of applying the gift of “creating.”

Life is what you make it, teachers can’t teach you everything, and neither can your parents. The talent of creating is natural. Most of our past inventors were all creative genius. Some may think the skill is easy or even “lame,” when in reality it’s difficult, anyone can solve a few math equations or even answer article questions, if you ask me that’s mediocrity. But being given the right to construct music, art, clothing, or more with no boundary is wonderful.

I sometimes get upset when people with the power to create are overlooked because people in charge are afraid of our thought processes and talent, for instance Kanye West, this man is a producer, rapper , designer and more in one but recently Nike was holding him off on designing his very own sneaker called the “Yeezy’s.” Why is that? Some say because of racial issues, but honestly I think they’re afraid of this man’s strategic work process and God given gift and ability to mold and create things unknown to this world as of yet. As an upcoming designer growing up in a family that’s creative based it caused me to think beyond people’s mediocre and society accepted intelligence and look into their thought processes, the way that viewed beauty, the way they viewed art, and they ultimately viewed life.

Dante Hoard said: “Creativity is knowledge. Anyone can gather and retain information, but the ability to come up with your own concepts and answer questions unanswered before sets apart the real geniuses from the fakes. Art is expression, releasing your feelings through actions instead of words. Expressing deeper thoughts that can’t be expressed within a simple conversation. Doing what you truly want to do solely because you love doing it.”

Spencer Sanders said: “Well to me creativity in the fashion industry is doing whatever ever you want, wearing whatever you want. It’s not all about following the trends or about having the latest things but about how you wear it. As a designer, I focus on things that I like first and if the people like it too then it’s a hit, but it could also be a miss. But regardless if it sells well or not, I know I designed it for myself first. Being you is creativity, and being creative is what makes us all unique. “


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