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Renaissance: Crime continues to prosper

By Makayla Rand Staff writer

This week has been one of the most deadly in Detroit. More than a dozen murders have been committed and twenty shooting incidents reported. With the spike in crime, citizens are feeling less safe every day.

“I’ve lived here for over thirty years, and every day I hear something bad on the news. It

makes me afraid to even walk out to my car because somebody could take advantage of my old age and rob me right in my driveway. It’s sad, but I’ve heard of it happening before. I’m nervous for my grandchildren’s future. I want them to be safe but things don’t seem to be looking up,” said Renaissance grandparent Eddie Mae Amos.

The dangerous neighborhoods in Detroit make it harder for some students to enjoy activities after or outside of school.

“I feel unsafe when I go to the store in the evening. I feel as if I must carry myself in a different manner to ensure that nothing will happen to me. I have to be more cautious while walking outdoors or in public. It makes me feel as if my freedom is slowly being taken away,” said sophomore Raina Allen.

Some families are so put off that they have resorted to other solutions to try to keep their family safe.

“Recently, one of my friends got jumped when he was walking home from school. His mom took him out, and now he goes to online school. It’s sad that things had to come down that but they have to do what they can to help them feel as safe as possible,” said freshmen Darreon Hall.

Concerned citizens of the city are continuing to wonder if things will ever look up for this city. Only time will tell.


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