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The student voice of Detroit's High Schools.


Camilla Cantu, Cristo Rey senior

​Vowing a vote for the future

When I was a little girl, I always dreamed of the day I would be able to vote. I still remember the mock elections my elementary school had, and how we all went to the gym just to watch the speeches of President Barack Obama.

Foreign Language Immersion student Anaya Smith completes her Japanese homework at the kitchen table.

Opinion: DPS Leaves Behind a Legacy of Uncertainty in 2016

It would have been nearly impossible for any student in DPS to ignore the turmoil taking place in Detroit schools over the past few months; budget problems, sick out protests, and bills that seem more ‘reluctant appeasement plan’ than long term solutions. As a senior, the first reaction to these issues is an eye roll and and a shrug.


My view: Best in the nation

As the class of 2016 seniors, we are thrilled to have been given a plethora of opportunities to become successful through Detroit Public Schools. Being a part of DPS since elementary school has given us the opportunity to see growth and changes that have both positively and negatively affects students DPS lose some of the best programs that we feel have shaped us as the students we are today. Teachers and administrators who show hard work and dedication like dance teacher Lisa Reynolds, who won Michigan’s Teacher of the Year, Natalie Barmore, who was named DPS high school Art Teacher of the Year, and counselor Sylvia Sanders, who won Counselor of the Year, are both from Cass Tech.


Earth Day is Every Day

Cass Tech senior Staria Dodson did not understand the point is Earth Day, so I decided to teach students what it is all about. Earth is one of the most unique out of the eight planets in our universe.

Rukmini Carr

Movement has merit but affects learning

Many Detroit Public Schools teachers participating in sick-outs are not actually sick. Large groups of teachers are calling in “sick” to push for upgrades in schools because they cannot strike under state law. Teachers across the district (some students as well) are using this as a way of getting their points across, whether it’s striking outside of local schools or boycotting in front of Cobo Center while President Barack Obama toured the Detroit auto show.

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