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I have a boyfriend. He's a Republican.

<p>Tavion Curry</p>

Tavion Curry

As a Black gay male in the city of Detroit, most of my political views line up with those of the Democratic Party.

My parents are Democrats. Their parents are Democrats. I grew up identifying as a

Democrat, and my community is predominantly Democratic.

I also grew up believing that Black was Democrat and white was Republican.

(“If you’re Black in the United States, you are a Democrat!”)

However, recently my view has been changed.

I have a boyfriend. He’s a Republican!

Most of our discussions usually turn into heated debates, because we end up on the topic of the 2016 election.

Sometimes it’s not even about the election. There have been times when we debate about any topic involving the country, and we don’t see eye-to-eye.

We haven’t spoken since Oct. 15 because he was upset I laughed at a "Saturday Night Live" skit that put Donald Trump in a bad light.

I have to admit: Dating a Republican is hard.

What’s even harder, however, is dating another gay black male from the city of Detroit who is a Republican. (Not to mention, he’s probably Trump’s No. supporter.)

It’s hard because I can’t have a civil conversation with my boyfriend without upsetting him. It’s hard because every FM station I listen to doesn’t support Trump.

He doesn’t want to meet my friends and family because they support Hillary.

His “Make America Great Again” bumper sticker gets us into trouble wherever we go. Some of my favorite meme’s I can’t share. I know they will offend him.

I feel sorry for him, because he’s a gay black male Republican in the city of Detroit; a minority inside a minority inside a minority inside a city full of the minority.

Another part of me is mad at him. Because he’s a quintuple minority and one of those he chose to be, how can he be black and align politically with the Republican Party?

Am I wrong for being upset with him? Is it my fault for believing this preconceived notion that Black is Democrat? Is it his fault for being Republican despite the community we both grew up in?

All these factors and questions make it challenging to face my boyfriend. More so, however, it puts into perspective how much I took for granted living in a majority Democratic community.


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