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Post Election: We're still reeling

It’s over and in December a new president will take office. Detroit International Academy was a buzz for days after the election, as were most. Where do we go from here?

Junior Erin McGee said: “I thought Hillary Clinton would win the election. Unlike Donald Trump, she has a better view of the future for America, our environment and she wanted to help our youth.”

Tiara Ward, a junior at DIA says, “I didn’t want Donald Trump to win, but I knew he would. The majority of white Americans voted for him to be the leader of the country because he looks good. They focused on his image instead of what he can do to lead the country. Hillary Clinton didn’t stand up for women’s rights and she would only, I believe, put her efforts to white Americans.”

History teacher Edna Williams says she wanted Hillary Clinton to win

“I already saw the first African American president in office and it was time for a woman to lead this country," she said.She would have motivated our young girls everywhere to follow their dreams.”

Hillary Clinton planned to improve America," Junior Robyn Morgan said. "She wanted to end poverty and help the middle class.”

Then there’s Trump who, according to, said, in his first 100 days in office he will, “Make America Great Again” by repealing and replacing Obamacare and ending illegal immigration.

But will it be great?


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