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Votes matter: What we learned from the 2016 election


As more years go by, more people decide not to vote. Not only is it hurting themselves, but the entire U.S. as well. Neglecting to vote only gives the person you don’t want to win, more of a chance to win. 

Just imagine how many people decide not to vote every election year. Imagine how many people have that same mindset that voting isn’t important and their vote won’t count. Well if we have over 80 million people saying that their vote won’t count, that’s over 80 million votes that won’t ever be counted.

In 2008, the New York Times reported that 131 million people voted for our first African American president, Barack Obama. There was an enormous surge of voters, particularly young voters. Not only did an enormous amount of people vote, but that was the highest record of votes that U.S. had during a president election in history. 

According to, one-third of people in Michigan did not vote this year. As a result, Donald J. Trump will be our president. Trump would not be a good president because he lacks politician knowledge and is disrespectful. He regularly points out others imperfections and makes ridicule of it. Moreover, Trump has made several disrespectful comment about women. He continually demoralizes women and makes inappropriate comments. 

Our next president is in our hands. It is important that the right to vote is commonly exercised, especially amongst the younger generation. As a collective effort, we all have to come together and vote for a president that will help better lives for Americans and not ruin them.

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