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Trumpster Fire: Can Hillary save us?

<p>Alana Burke</p>

Alana Burke

Donald J. Trump: businessman, author, television personality, sexist, xenophobe, and 2016 republican presidential nominee. Trump wants to “Make America Great Again” and he’ll get to Pennsylvania “one way or another.” Trump is one of few people who have run for president with zero political experience, but Trump is the only one who has made it far enough to be their party’s nominee. So the question must be asked: Is Trump truly fit for the presidency?

Trump has many supporters who thinks he will be one of the best presidents America has seen. Trump supporters want him in office because they don’t want a corrupt politician in office. Trump supporters believe Trump will negotiate better trade deals with foreign nations and bring better paying jobs to America, because of his success as a businessman. Yet these supporters fail to acknowledge the fact that Trump makes all of his products overseas and though he may be a skillful negotiator, he has yet to show it in any of his proposed plans. Trump wants to build a wall on the U.S./Mexico border and make Mexico pay for the wall to be built. He also wants to deport millions of “rapist”, Mexican illegal “aliens”.

Trump’s hateful comments have been extended to women on numerous occasions. On Oct. 7, the Washington Post exposed Trump’s lewd comments directed towards women from a 2005 conversation with Billy Bush, who at the time worked at "Access Hollywood." In this conversation Trump described himself as sexually assaulting women and being able to get away with it because he’s a celebrity. Trump said he was sorry but then try to brush off the situation by saying it was just “locker room talk.” as if to make the situation more acceptable. Certain Trump supporters have accepted his apology because what he said 11 years ago doesn’t matter, but Bill Clinton’s infidelity in the 90’s is essential to Hillary’s campaign.

Trump has also proven himself to be unbelievably ignorant. On numerous occasions, Trump has called Mexicans murderers and rapists; he’s called Muslims dangerous and wants to make their entrance into America nearly impossible. He said inner city African Americans are “living in hell” and should vote for him instead of Clinton because they have nothing to lose.

If Donald Trump becomes president we will lose the America we live in, the America we have grown to love. If Trump becomes president the United States of America will become the Divided States of America.


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