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Alana Burke

Mentor Delana Bailey discusses how to deal with life challenges with her four ninth grade mentees.

New mentoring program introduced at King

High school life can be tough for freshmen.  With a new environment, they can be very impressionable.  Aside from school issues like academics and peer pressure, they may have challenges in their personal life.


Traveling down the road of the auto advancements

The evolution of the automobile has transformed how Americans view the traditional car. Henry Ford brought cars to the masses with the utilitarian Model 5, and then in 1935 he successfully crafted and produced the Model A1, which was designed for comfort, space, and affordability.

“I want the money to be used to purchase new technology for our journalism program and take outside trips to see how other journalists interact with each other,” said Carrimia Owens. “It would be beneficial for us to see journalists in action.”

Crusaders' Chronicle's $3,500 grant is ‘surreal’

On April 5, Michigan Office Solutions and the Detroit Red Wings presented high school journalism students with a challenge: Write two 500 word essays in the hopes of winning grants ranging from $1,500 to $5,000 for their school’s journalism program.

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