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Trouble-minded? The Common Battles of Being a Teenager

For many years, teenagers, especially those from the African American community, are stereotyped as one of the most dangerous attributes of this generation today. People refuse to take a walk alone, having the fear of getting mugged or vandalized by a teen.

Many have moved from Detroit to another location in Michigan, saying that the teenagers living here are unstable and savage.

Since 2013, teenage crime rates have risen to 12% within the city alone. Many have lost love ones and dear friends due to the horrible acts of teens.

Does many people wonder, what was wrong, what was going on in their minds, does it have to do with anything from the childhood that might have resurfaced? Only God knows.

Aside from a tedious day from school, and coming home to relatives, parents, and personal responsibilities, teens often times are dealing with more emotional stress than adults tend to. Peer pressure, hormones, life-long responsibilities come into effect when you become a teenager, and many of them do not know how to release inner pressure.

Pressure often times stays bottled up, then teens lash out, exerting their frustration in the worst way. But does all of this builds up to crime?

In most cases, no.

Teenagers will turn to drugs, alcohol or sex for escape, but none of those are reasonable choices. Then, teenagers would choose to take their own lives, or someone else’s because of inner pain, pressure, or regret of dealing with their own troubled mind.

 It turns out bad in the end, but as the great Maya Angelou said, “You cannot experience someone’s pain, unless you have lived in their skin.”


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