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Trump's win promotes bullying

Donald Trump was elected the 45th president of the U.S. and it has been a very close and emotional election. 

Throughout the election, candidates Hillary Clinton and President-elect Trump participated in several contemptuous debates.

“Bullying is always wrong, it’s very uncomfortable for others going through bullying, especially since the future president is promoting this, it’s as if the president is promoting bullying, which shouldn’t be promoted at all," said Malaysia Townsend, a freshman at Oak Park Freshman Institute. 

Sometimes you can’t do anything about it, the same with skin. Everyone is not perfect, so why tease others for their mistakes? People as a society should know better than that. 

 “Bullying is never right for anyone regardless of gender, race, or disabilities," said Bridgette Fleming, a mother of three said. "We shouldn’t let a president be a reason for bullying either.” 

Throughout the election and after, the fear of Trump winning has ignited fear that black people would be “back to the slave ship" according to some Twitter users tweeting with the hashtag “#DonaldTrumpisnotmypresident.

Trump has made provoking and insulting comments towards minorities, women and the disabled; making him seem unfit to serve as Chief Executive Officer. Despite all of his shortcomings, he remains victorious. 

On Election Day, the early poll numbers showed that Clinton was slated to make history by winning and becoming the first female president. In the end, Clinton won the popular votes with 62,403,269 and Trump with 61,242,652.

But it all comes down to the electoral votes which Trump has won, making him the president-elect, which many weren’t too happy about. 

“I feel the election was rigged, I also feel the election was totally unfair, prejudice and they were in favor of the republicans” said senior Xakeya McKinley.

“America showed us who they really are, a lot of people who we work with, befriend, and even love voted for this man whose opinion are misogynistic, racist and chauvinistic,” Officer Earl Brooks said.


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