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Ajanee Kelly

At CMA's Career Day, professionals spoke to the students about careers and life. As they spoke, students took notes so they can implement in their lives. 

Career Day helps student learn about a variety of careers

Students know how important it is to be exposed by employees to have a better viewpoint on what jobs and majors they would take.  On April 25, employees from General Motors, Quicken Loans, and many other companies were at CMA notifying everyone about their background and experiences from work and in life.  Michelle Lee and Tavonne Pierce, senior corporate auditors of General Motors spoke to students about their background, personal life, and General Motors. As they spoke, students were engaged and took notes so they can implement in their lives.  When asked about her challenges in life, Michelle Lee said: “I didn’t face any challenges getting into college.


Trump's win promotes bullying

By Ajanee Kelly and Alaunna Mckeithen  Donald Trump was elected 45th president of the U.S., it’s been a very close and emotional election.  Throughout the entire election candidates Hillary Clinton and Trump participated in several contemptuous debates. “Bullying is always wrong, it’s very uncomfortable for others going through bullying, especially since the future president is promoting this, it’s as if the president is promoting bullying, which shouldn’t be promoted at all," said Malaysia Townsend, a freshman at Oak Park Freshman Institute.  Sometimes you can’t do anything about it, the same with skin.


Voters can fall for political traps

Have you heard the phrase, “never trust a wolf in sheep’s clothing?” In the 2016 election, it’s important to remember that philosophy, especially when one may be the next president.

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