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Earth Day is Every Day

Why Saving the Earth is Important

Cass Tech senior Staria Dodson did not understand the point is Earth Day, so I decided to teach students what it is all about.

Earth is one of the most unique out of the eight planets in our universe. Earth is unlike any other planet in the solar system in many different ways. It is the only planet with an atmosphere containing 21 percent oxygen; it is the only planet that has liquid water on its surface and the only planet to have life. Earth was created with bodies of water for aquatic life, forests for wildlife, land for humans and nature to explore around. However, recent events of climate change, pollution, deforestation, littering, and chemical disasters among others may lead to great dangers for our people, animals, and mostly the earth as a whole.

Even though Earth Day was April 22, it’s not too late to know about these dangers and what can we do to prevent damage to the planet.

There are many types of environmental disasters in different categories. One type is pollution. The main types of pollution are air (smog for example), water (an oil spill, for example) and waste.

At Cass Tech, the dining commons is a sign of pollution. Student Antavis Sanders has a solution.

"Student are careless about using our trash can," Sanders said. "Try not to be careless, recycle your own trays and save food.”

Of all problems the world deals with, climate change may be the most concerned problems. A period in which the world is too hot can lead to unusual weather patterns and severe natural disasters.

Cass Tech students feel the same way about climate change. 

Senior Kameron Shakoor said, “It’s unfortunate due to climate change many things so are happening, luckily it's not affecting now but it can affect the future."

Though not common, chemical disasters can happen despite not being very often. The chemical plants contain the mixtures we use today. Most chemical plants use radioactive gasses, mostly very dangerous. If the plant suffers a meltdown, or core damage due to severe nuclear reactor accident by burning, gas is released into the atmosphere, endangering everyone involved.

What can people do to protect mother earth? The answer is a lot. People are cleaning littered places, growing trees and of course reduce, reuse, and recycle. To learn more ideas to make Earth Day every day read "50 Ways to Save the Earth" by Anne Jankeliowitch.


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