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Qualified vs. Unqualified

Have you ever had a teacher a teacher that just made you ask yourself how on earth did this teacher get this job, well I'm here to deliver bad news. In a letter dated April 27, 2017 from the Michigan Department of Education, Office of Professional Preparation Services has “carefully reviewed data about educator preparation program graduates, K-12 course offerings...teacher assignments and determined...the following endorsements will no longer be issued on certificates after July 1, 2026.” They are “Bilingual, Communication Arts, Computer Science, Dance, Fine Arts, Journalism, Marketing Education, Polish, Recreation, Russian, Sociology, and Visual Arts Education Specialist.” What this means is a new change in roughly ten years.


Female entrepreneurs share personal stories with DIA students

Motivational speaker and entrepreneur Ishita Gupta says, “I just recently moved to the Boston Edison District and passed by your school every day on my way to work, until one day I decided I was going to stop in.” For a month Gupta visited Detroit International Academy speaking with, encouraging and fostering confidence for participation for the first ever “Speak Up” assembly addressing confidence, leadership, and using your voice. With her Gupta, brings six powerful women entrepreneurs to share personal stories and discuss how to boost your confidence, tap into the leader you already are, bullying, and sisterhood. Freshman Kylee Lloyd says working with Gupta was “exquisite.” These women, Sonia Grossi a specialized leadership coach; Jordan Hayles, comedic writer and author; Christine Ciona, founder of KIVA Wellness and Joy Guru; Michelle Yee, award¬ winning, Toronto based documentary & editorial photographer; Julia Wojnar, founder of Unleash Your Presence; and Danielle Madden, entrepreneur and financial specialist helped freshman Mo-Nay Palmore “gain confidence from listening to the ladies talk and I found it inspiring.” Freshman Makayla Thomas says, “I benefited from this because it taught me to have confidence and always to be joyful.” It ends with dancing.


Health Care: A Right or A Privilege

America is the only developed nation that does not have universal health care. Website defines Universal health coverage (UHC) as, “all people can use the promotive, preventive, curative, rehabilitative and palliative health services they need, of sufficient quality to be effective, while also ensuring that the use of these services does not expose the user to financial hardship.” continues to explain that the, “UHC embodies three related objectives: Equity in access to health services - everyone who needs services should get them, not only those who can pay for them; the quality of health services should be good enough to improve the health of those receiving services; and people should be protected against financial-risk, ensuring that the cost of using services does not put people at risk of financial harm.” During the Presidential Election Debates this was one of the biggest topics discussed.


Detroit Chapter of the Links encourages DIA students

On May 18, The Detroit Chapter of the Links Inc. took time out of their busy schedules to meet with the ladies of Detroit International Academy 10th grade students to discuss the importance of self-control and the best way of handling conflicts. During this session, students were taught the “I message” method, where you are encouraged to explain to your adversary, or friend, how they made your feel.

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