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Be a hero; be yourself

The world loves superheroes. Characters like Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are modern-day inspirations for young children. But, what are some of the characteristics of a hero? I asked the girls of DIA to find out.

“A hero is someone who’s brave and confident,” said seventh grader Syeda Chowdury.

And bravery is important. It can get you out of sticky situations and can sometimes even save your life. In an episode of SuperGirl, she was very brave to save a young boy unknowingly trapped on a runaway train.

In everyday life, police officers are heroes. Those who walk into unknown situations to save those they've never met, from danger.

“To be a hero takes honor and dignity,” said middle-schooler Kayla Myers.

“It takes positivity to be a hero” says seventh grader Ayrinn Greene.

Social Studies teacher Cetaura Rodgers said to be a hero is being brave and just being yourself.

But whichever category you fall, smile and know you are appreciated.


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