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Netflix series starts dialogue about suicide

A new Netflix series, “13 Reasons Why” has created an open dialogue about suicide. says, “Every 40 seconds someone dies by suicide.” It also says, “In 2014, 1,668 teens died by suicide.”

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention offers 13 tips for parents for talking with their children about “13 Reasons Why” and suicide.

CBS news ran a segment on April 25 in response to the series, which is deemed controversial by some critics listed on the CBS website.

 Detroit International Academy senior Jalica Porter, 18, said: "Someone willing to take their own life has obviously run out of options or choices and ways to cope with life. They are at the point where it has nothing to do with what someone else thinks or sees.”

East English Village student Jacquez Canada, 19, said: “Behind those smiling faces you can never know what someone is going through.” supplies resources to assist with a conversation about suicide and mental health.


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