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High school awaits DIA’s eighth grade graduates

<p>DIA's eighth graders are ready for high school.</p>

DIA's eighth graders are ready for high school.

It’s almost end of the school year and eighth graders are are soon about to graduate and take a harder step into their education life: High school.

Not all middle schoolers are ready to go to high school, maybe because they are a bit nervous about it, or they are just dreading an extra four years of school. However, what about the high schoolers who have already experienced it? The Pink Lady Press asked high school students for advice for the middle school and then asked eighth graders about what they think of going into high school.

“I would tell 8th graders to work hard, because if they work hard they can become something great.” freshman NaVaeh Richards said.

“I would tell them that it’s important not to skip classes, because if you skip classes, you could get confused when test time arrives, and maybe end up failing the class,” freshman Areyana Mckay said.

“As an 8th grader, going into high school seems like it would be a little nerve-racking,” Mya Graves said. “This is a new experience for me, and I have a feeling it won’t be like middle school.”

High school is a big change, and it may seem difficult. However, it’s important to realize that high school is a great opportunity and can get you into great colleges.

“I’m actually both excited and nervous at the same time,” Jamiyah Hamilton said. “I’m afraid that maybe once I get into high school, other students may not like me, but at the same time it seems like it would be an adventure.”


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