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Detroit Chapter of the Links encourages DIA students

On May 18, The Detroit Chapter of the Links Inc. took time out of their busy schedules to meet with the ladies of Detroit International Academy 10th grade students to discuss the importance of self-control and the best way of handling conflicts.

During this session, students were taught the “I message” method, where you are encouraged to explain to your adversary, or friend, how they made your feel. They suggested that this strategy is helpful for everyone, especially high school students, who would rather solve issues with their first, rather than their words.

Freshman Christine Banks said: “She would begin verbally defending herself, before she actually starts with an ‘I message’. I am not a fighter, so I would do what I can to avoid an altercation.”

Special guest speaker coach Jaye Hill shared his personal life including, trials and tribulations with the ladies, which hit home for some students.

“I like how he is able to motivate others after he has been through so much,” said 10th grader Maya Baker.

“I really could relate to what he was saying about kinds growing up bitter because they didn’t have their father in their lives,” sophomore Nakura Hill said.

Hill took a survey of how many ladies didn’t have a gather in their lives, and it was sad to see almost half of the students stood. He then gave the ladies an acronym to live by, P.R.O.C.E.S.S. Student need to have Purpose, be Righteous, cross Obstacles, Change, Empowerment, Selfishness, and finally have Sensitivity.

“I feel that this acronym could remind me to be a better person,” sophomore Cierra Spillman said.

“I left the meeting feeling as if I gained some knowledge,” Nakura Hill said.


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