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Summer’s Coming!

School is almost out!

What are your plans for summer!? Have you even started planning yet!? If not, here’s a great time to start! Maybe things just didn't go as planned last year! Or maybe, you wish you would’ve done a bit more. Maybe you're not sure what to plan for. Well, hopefully this could help.

Are you planning to travel!?

Say you want to get out and travel for the summer! Not just travel to the same old places, but actually get around and see new things. You're kind of like Zion Avery!

Zion says, “I'm trying to get out and see the world!”

Seeing the world could be going places locally, that you've never been before! You could also sign up for little to no cost travel programs. If traveling is what you want to do, search for the opportunities.

Middle School Science teacher Cetaura Bell-Rodgers says, “You are young adults. Research a nearby tourist destination. What does it have to offer? Then research the price for a hotel in the area. This will help your parents plan a quick road trip.”

Planning to be more active!?

Maybe you got out to see things, but you weren’t able to participate in many activities.

Sophomore Marshelle Dixson says, “This year I want to want to go to places like the Detroit Zoo, waterparks, carnivals, and arcades.”

You might even want to “turn up at a few swim parties.” Sophomore Lataya Houston plans on doing!

If so, start planning your activities, and get suited up for an exciting and adventurous summer!

Sleep, Sleep, Sleep!!

Now maybe this year has been entirely too busy, and you’re just looking forward to some good rest.

Freshman Makayla Thomas says, “I’m going to sleep this summer,” you should do just that!

Sleep is just as important as being active during break. Sleep keeps your mind rejuvenated, and keeps your energy up! Although this may not sound as exciting, but sleep also keeps your mental state prepared for the upcoming school year. So if you’re ready for sleep, then get ready to have yourself a well-rested summer!

Make Summer Yours!

If you want to travel, make plans to travel! Travel out of state, out of the country, or even travel locally. If you want to participate in more activities, plan to be more active! Go ahead and grab a friend or family and head out into the world. You could even keep an eye out for a few parties to turn up at. If all you’re looking forward to doing this summer is sleeping, do just that!!! This summer is all yours. Make it worth it!


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