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Seniors were determined to meet with the Interim Superintendent to get Making A Difference going. From left to right: Kamari McHenry, Jamal Hairston, Alycia Meriweather, Lorenzo Scott, Desmond Foster-Carter, Jalin Willis, Don Barnes, Desjuan Davis, and DeMarcus Taylor.

Crusaders start mentoring group to help youth

Crusaders start mentoring group to help youth Making A Difference By: Jade Brookins and Tatiana McAfee A group of male seniors at King have come together in a positive way to help inspire and mentor middle school boys and break the negative cycles that plague inner-city youth.  These eight seniors in Making A Difference (M.A.D.) are Don Barnes, Desjuan Davis, Desmond Foster-Carter, Jamal Hairston, Kamari McHenry, Lorenzo Scott, DeMarcus Taylor, and Jalin Willis.


Top officials visit CMA for College Promise

Top Officials Visit CMA for College Promise  By Mason Simpson and Sarah Wright  Paying for college is a strenuous task, but it could be getting easier for students in the Detroit Public Community Schools District due to a Detroit College Promise program expansion.  The Promise, which previously provided students two-year scholarships to community colleges, will now include four-year colleges and universities.


With college costs rising, hungry college students seek help from food pantries

Hungry college students seek help from food pantries By Miaun McCloud As if balancing the stress of a heavy work load, keeping grades up, and tuition payments aren’t enough, college students all throughout America are in debt and starving.   “I would feel like I need to go back to momma and daddy and survive off them," said senior Lapria Junior, who will soon be a college freshman. Universities are accepting more and more low-income students; yet the price of a higher education is steadily rising.


Putting the ‘T’ back in CT

On Wednesday, November 2, Cass Tech senior Johnathan Jackson met former United States President Bill Clinton, at Fellowship Chapel in Detroit while on the Presidential campaign trail with his wife, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

CMA vice principal Cox and students gather canned goods for the less fortunate.

CMA unites for annual Canned Food Drive

Feed the Homeless  By Kenyetta Henderson The spirit of Christmas and giving inspired the 6th annual Canned Food Drive together with Gleaners Community Food Bank where many Communication & Media Arts High School students donated thousands of can goods to the homeless.  The donations included: canned fruits, ravioli, vegetables and even Vienna sausages.


Lions' Levy partners with Detroit Hustles Harder to raise money to test rape kits

On Oct. 5, the Detroit Lions' DeAndre Levy partnered with apparel company Detroit Hustles Harder to raise money for untested rape kits.  On average 284,000 people are victims of rape each year out of those people only a few of their rape kits are tested according to a 2015 Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, Bureau of Justice Statistics, National Crime Victimization Survey. In Detroit, nine out of 11,000 rape kits remain untested due to lack of funding and ineffective methods of processing evidence.  All proceeds from the T-shirt sales go to the “Enough Said” program in Detroit which is dedicated to "raising a private sector funding to test more than 11,000 forgotten rape kits, investigate the crimes and prosecute the resulting cases, thus securing justice and closure for victims and ensuring a safer community for everyone," according to the organization's website.  T-shirts are $25 and the sweatshirts are $56.

Loyola High School students prepare to begin their one-mile walk against bullying and violence during the Week of Respect.

Loyola hosts Week of Respect

ByThis year at Loyola High School, students took part in a program called Project Unify. Project Unify is a program aimed at including all students in non-exclusionary events.

DIT students and staff release balloons at the end of a Mar. 9th gathering to honor school social worker Deborah Cahee who died on Mar. 2.

Cody mourns the loss of beloved school social worker

Students and staff at Cody DIT were heartbroken when they got to school on Mar. 3 and learned of the death of social worker Debra Cahee. English teacher Edith Wine who was very close to called Cahee’s passing a tremendous loss. “It is not just about the role she played as the social worker; it's about the love that she gave, not only to her students, but also to the staff,” Wine said.


Detroit Chapter of the Links encourages DIA students

On May 18, The Detroit Chapter of the Links Inc. took time out of their busy schedules to meet with the ladies of Detroit International Academy 10th grade students to discuss the importance of self-control and the best way of handling conflicts. During this session, students were taught the “I message” method, where you are encouraged to explain to your adversary, or friend, how they made your feel.

Foreign Language Immersion student Anaya Smith completes her Japanese homework at the kitchen table.

Opinion: DPS Leaves Behind a Legacy of Uncertainty in 2016

It would have been nearly impossible for any student in DPS to ignore the turmoil taking place in Detroit schools over the past few months; budget problems, sick out protests, and bills that seem more ‘reluctant appeasement plan’ than long term solutions. As a senior, the first reaction to these issues is an eye roll and and a shrug.

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