The economics classes at University Prep attended an informative field trip to the Quicken Loans Junior Achievement Finance Park in downtown Detroit. All students from the economics classes attended the trip on one of two days.

At Quicken Loans JA Finance Park they have displays set up all around the room displaying all kinds of popular businesses and services. There is a kiosk at every store front for students to make purchases and budget their money.

“This was great activity I actually got to see what it really feels like to pay bills and have responsibilities,” said Mareeca Simpson a tenth grader at UPrep. 

Tenth grader Javan Jackson said: “I learned that being an adult is a lot harder than being a kid.”

As each tenth grader received a tablet they signed in and also received a family. Some students had the luck of having a wife and children to provide for based on the income that is randomly selected. From the income students are given they have to create a budget and make purchases. In the activity students had the opportunity to learn about saving and the importance of budgeting their money.

The trip was arranged by Mr. Staperfenne, a social studies teacher who has taught at University Prep High School for five years. Mr. Staperfenne said he has taken his students on this trip for four years.