University Preparatory Academy High School students have found a creative way to support others, as seniors used their class time to complete a special project. 

The students have been crocheting blankets for the past two years to donate to a project called Project Linus. The blankets that the students make will be given to children in hospitals and shelters who really need the support.

Every Tuesday students spend their class time crocheting these special blankets. Project Linus was chosen by the the "Crew" to complete as a service project.

"We learned how to crochet in about 10 minutes," said senior Pierre Blanks.

Crew is a class essential for UPrep students to develop a relationship among peers and a staff member throughout all four years of high school. Everyday for 30 minutes students learn and apply the six pillars of the school that include: accountability, cooperation, commitment to high quality, grit, integrity and being socially conscious. These pillars are in place to help students become better students as well as becoming responsible and productive members of society in the future. 

At UPrep, the motto is “We are not passengers, we are crew.”

“It feels good to know that our handmade blankets will be used to help children who really need the help,” Keenan Butler said.