All students are not clear on which career they would like to pursue in the future. The process of choosing a career can be overwhelming to some. King presented Career Day on April 27 with various presentations in the auditorium and classrooms. The presentations were tailored to students who want to attend college and those who want to take another path.

“Career day was interesting and beneficial,” said sophomore Zoi Kurr-Bush. “I got a chance to hear different stories about how these professionals got to where they are today.”

There were several entrepreneurs onsite to explain why they chose to start their own company. These individuals want to create their work schedule, decide their pay, and own their business. Real estate agent Rondre “Key” Brooks of Brooks Realty and Investments, LLC spoke to students about leaving a legacy by being his own boss.

“If you don't like conventional methods and want to work for yourself while making a lot of money, I would definitely encourage somebody to check out real estate,” said Brooks.

Another businessman and entrepreneur present was Mark J. Mayberry President and CEO of Exam Experts Global. Mayberry created a program dedicated to preparing students for the ACT and SAT as well as college preparedness. Many students in the district struggle with obtaining scholarship funds. With better scores on national standardized tests, money may be available.


Radio personality K.V. Brooks talks about how his career began at King.

“Being a product of DPS, I wanted to be in a position where I could better help the DPS community, said Mayberry. “Exam Experts Global helps students score in the upper percentile to obtain scholarships.”

Also present for career day was radio personality K.V. Brooks. Brooks found his calling after being a part of King’s morning radio announcement team. Radio broadcast journalism may appeal to someone who loves to talk, interact with people but be out of the spotlight.

“Doing the morning announcements propelled me into my career,” said Brooks. “Everyone has a calling but it's up to you to find it.”