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As part of MLK Day, Communications and Media Arts High School staff, students and other volunteers came together to fix up the communities around the school.

CMA beautifies community for MLK Day

On Martin Luther King Jr Day, Communications and Media Arts High School staff, students and other volunteers came together to fix up the communities around the school to create a better and safe environment for not only the residents in the area but for many CMA students who deal with rough conditions on a daily basis.  “Helping out during the community project made me feel like a better person because I gave back to the community that I was raised in while helping future residents of the community as well," sophomore Dylan Daniels said. Leadership, communication, and strong morals were demonstrated by the students who participated in the MLK community project.


Top officials visit CMA for College Promise

Top Officials Visit CMA for College Promise  By Mason Simpson and Sarah Wright  Paying for college is a strenuous task, but it could be getting easier for students in the Detroit Public Community Schools District due to a Detroit College Promise program expansion.  The Promise, which previously provided students two-year scholarships to community colleges, will now include four-year colleges and universities.


With college costs rising, hungry college students seek help from food pantries

Hungry college students seek help from food pantries By Miaun McCloud As if balancing the stress of a heavy work load, keeping grades up, and tuition payments aren’t enough, college students all throughout America are in debt and starving.   “I would feel like I need to go back to momma and daddy and survive off them," said senior Lapria Junior, who will soon be a college freshman. Universities are accepting more and more low-income students; yet the price of a higher education is steadily rising.


From purple to green: CMA starts recycling

From purple to green: CMA starts recycling By Tarious Porter  Newly staffed teacher Ms.Elwood has been the leader of CMA’S recycling initiative. “We had a slow start to begin with,” said Elwood said, adding that by early January everyone is getting in the swing of things.  “Over the past few months the amount of paper we been recycling has significantly gone up,” said Ms. Clawson.  With 3 billion to 6 billion trees cut down per year every bit counts when it comes to recycling.

CMA vice principal Cox and students gather canned goods for the less fortunate.

CMA unites for annual Canned Food Drive

Feed the Homeless  By Kenyetta Henderson The spirit of Christmas and giving inspired the 6th annual Canned Food Drive together with Gleaners Community Food Bank where many Communication & Media Arts High School students donated thousands of can goods to the homeless.  The donations included: canned fruits, ravioli, vegetables and even Vienna sausages.


Trump's win promotes bullying

By Ajanee Kelly and Alaunna Mckeithen  Donald Trump was elected 45th president of the U.S., it’s been a very close and emotional election.  Throughout the entire election candidates Hillary Clinton and Trump participated in several contemptuous debates. “Bullying is always wrong, it’s very uncomfortable for others going through bullying, especially since the future president is promoting this, it’s as if the president is promoting bullying, which shouldn’t be promoted at all," said Malaysia Townsend, a freshman at Oak Park Freshman Institute.  Sometimes you can’t do anything about it, the same with skin.


CMA hosts annual senior pinning

Senior Pinning Breakfast Ceremony  By Amanda Duren  The Communication & Media Arts High School senior class hosted its annual Senior Pinning Breakfast ceremony at the Atheneum Suite Hotel in Downtown Detroit. The ceremony provided parents, guardians, faculty and staff an opportunity to acknowledge the seniors of 2017 as candidates for graduation; along with their many accomplishments.  The class pledged to focus on opportunity, vigilance and success. At the ceremony, parents and guardians pinned their student senior, and then they were given a red rose by Principal Donya Odom. “It was a really good pledge and showed lot of character to our parents and guardians,” said CMA senior Darnell Thaxer.  Guest speaker Dr. Donald Bryant Jr.


Lions' Levy partners with Detroit Hustles Harder to raise money to test rape kits

On Oct. 5, the Detroit Lions' DeAndre Levy partnered with apparel company Detroit Hustles Harder to raise money for untested rape kits.  On average 284,000 people are victims of rape each year out of those people only a few of their rape kits are tested according to a 2015 Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, Bureau of Justice Statistics, National Crime Victimization Survey. In Detroit, nine out of 11,000 rape kits remain untested due to lack of funding and ineffective methods of processing evidence.  All proceeds from the T-shirt sales go to the “Enough Said” program in Detroit which is dedicated to "raising a private sector funding to test more than 11,000 forgotten rape kits, investigate the crimes and prosecute the resulting cases, thus securing justice and closure for victims and ensuring a safer community for everyone," according to the organization's website.  T-shirts are $25 and the sweatshirts are $56.


Voters can fall for political traps

Have you heard the phrase, “never trust a wolf in sheep’s clothing?” In the 2016 election, it’s important to remember that philosophy, especially when one may be the next president.

The CMA volleyball team started the season 8-0. Team members include (left to right): Dashayla Walker, Jahnae Collins, Myesha Burnett, Nya Cox, Kai White, Akira St. Cyr-Brown and Janelle Moses.

Best Season Yet for CMAs 2016 Volleyball Team?

The Communications Media & Arts Lady Pharaohs volleyball team are on a roll this year.  "I feel we had the proper coaching this year," said junior Niya Cox. The CMA volleyball coach says his style has not changed, but the girls themselves have changed. “Oh, nothing has changed in the way I coach," he said.

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Detroit student photographers have own vision

The art of photography has become a trending hobby, and it seems that DPS has their own share of students who’ve found an interest and has become known for it. “When I’m taking pictures, I’m not just looking for something that looks nice or has a certain mood.

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