As we are on the verge of Donald Trump’s 100-day mark as president, critics have made the opinions known on how unimpactful Trump’s term has been so far. Stating that the president has failed to make significant achievements within his first 100 days and accusing him of insulting U.S. allies. However, Trump supporters and aides argue differently.

Apparently, they are denying that the president is indeed been struggling and when asked her opinion on whether or not Trump has made a good impact so far Senior Lapria Junior said, “I don’t think he has made a good impact but he has surely made a bad impact.”

While opinions may differ about the remarkableness of Trump’s first 100 days, no one can deny the fact that all the president’s attempts to reach his campaign goals have been met by roadblocks.

Mexico refuses to pay for the wall, Trump’s travel ban has been blocked twice by courts, and the aim to repeal Obamacare has failed. When asked why Trump’s efforts have ended in failure senior Victoria Penn said: “I don’t exactly know why they have failed but, my guess is that it has something to do with Russia.”

Will a poor start lead to a poor run or will Trump break away from the standard that his predecessors and have a phenomenal final lap? All will be determined as Trump’s term trudges on.