Gamers around the world are doing something extraordinary. They are making a change by doing the very thing that they love, buying video games. “How does this help people?” you may ask. It is because they are purchasing these products through a platform called Humble Bundle.

Humble Bundle was founded in 2010 by Jeff Rosen of Wolfire Games. Based out of San Francisco, Humble Bundle is a game selling platform that collaborates with many independent and triple A studios. 

“I’ve never heard of Humble Bundle but I would be open to using it.” says senior Jordan Kidd. 

Humble mainly works with PC but also supports all major platforms such as Playstation, Xbox and even mobile. However Humble Bundle is very different from other platforms like Steam.

The firm works with charities worldwide. Humble Bundle is also a very transparent in its business practices. Humble clearly states that they keep a portion of the sales revenue but the majority of its profits go to charity. 

The platform operates under a “pay as you want” system. Starting at one dollar gamers can obtain preset bundles from the service with no catch; the games are yours to keep. Gamers get games for cheap and they contribute to the world. What could be better?

The initiative seems like it’s working.

“I think it's great that developers care about people that much," said CMA senior Kaylynn Fowler. 

The platform has been receiving high praise from all over the world, raising millions of dollars since its inception in 2010. Everyday Humble gets new followers and the bundles are getting even better with triple A studios joining the fray. Gamers save the world yet again but this time it’s in real life.