Baseball season is back in action for high school, college and the major league. Opening Day was April 2, and the excitement for the new season remains the same. 

With the National Basketball Association’s season ending soon, it seems as if the entire sports world is focused on the sports world. 

Senior Darnell Thaxter said: "I don’t usually watch baseball but basketball is about gone now and it is time to watch another sport.” 

Family and friends can go and enjoy a nice baseball game and see the fan favorite Detroit Tigers.

The Communication & Media Arts High School baseball team are now the only remaining of the four major sport programs students can participate in. Players on the team absolutely love the sport while others are just enjoying the games alone. CMA’s team consists of juniors and seniors who, share plenty of experience with the underclassmen.

"It feels great to teach teammates how to execute their game to another level,” said senior Matthew Webb. “Baseball is a learning experiment for all the underclassmen on the team.”

Most college athletes participating in baseball are expecting the MLB draft soon. Becoming a major league star is an ambition of many people and those star athletes are slowly approaching their goals. Within a few years we may be seeing athletes coming straight from high school entering the draft. Right now the rule states that if you are in college, you may need to stay until you are 21 years old or at least a junior in college. 

League officials are starting to see great talent in high school athletes but they don’t want to rush those inexperienced players into a professional sport.