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Is Trump limiting freedom of the press?

The media delivers the news to its consumers, aiming to supply them with information that will inform citizens about what happens in the world around them. 

There has been speculation as to if President Donald J. Trump is trying to disrupt that process of discovering and providing the public with the news. Many members of the press community were in disbelief when he attempted to discredit well-known news stations and publications. 

“Donald Trump is redundant,” said junior Amil Reed. “Whatever news he’s trying to ban is probably true.”

CMA students have expressed their feelings about the president’s alleged media censorship.

“I think that media is important to us,” said senior Davariz Broaden. “Trying to get companies to stop publishing the truth isn’t right."

Several U.S. government agencies set up rogue Twitter accounts that cover information about the censored topics and some intelligence officials have even spoken out against Trump.

Various media outlets, such as CNN, have seemed to lash back by continuing to report news that points out discrepancies in his presidency. Trump has fired back at them, claiming the company puts out news that is false.

MSNBC states that Americans are in favor of the press, a Gallup poll they posted shows that 36 precent of Americans currently think that the media is being too hard on Trump.


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