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College acceptance letters open door to adulthood

During the past three months, some seniors have received college-acceptance letters. For many students, it was their first step into adulthood. 

“This year we started earlier with our college and on-site admission process," College Coordinator Patricia Hudson-Johnson said.

With the new Detroit College Promise scholarship initiatives students and staff were eager to participate. 

Some of the top choice schools for the class of 2017 are in Michigan and include: Michigan State University, University of Michigan, Eastern Michigan University, and Wayne State University. 

“I went home after school and there was an envelope and balloons saying congrats, I am on my way to EMU, I was surprised and happy,” said senior Tia Cunningham. 

Many students agreed that after they received their first college acceptance letter or call, they felt more at ease. “I went in my email and it was like yay you got accepted to Wayne State, so I ran in the room to show my parents," said senior Brittani Allen. 

Students who promptly applied to college were among the first to receive the letters. Students have freaked out.

"Being accepted into the school of your choice and dream is one of the best experiences of your life that you’ll always remember about your senior year and your decision because it’ll always have an impact of your life. Not many students were able to get into the top college that they wanted but many did, " said senior Darius Bills. 

CMA graduation requirements includes an acceptance letter from a college to ensure every senior applies to college.


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