Senior Tyrese Sanders was awarded over $40,000 and a position in the army as a cardiovascular specialist. Training begins in the upcoming month of August and before being enlisted in the military.

Sanders said: “I was anxious about enlisting but excited at the same time about the opportunity because I know becoming a part of the military is something I always wanted to be a part of.

"My father and other family members who were once enlisted in the military inspired me to join the army and want to accept the position so I’ll be able to help the individuals who protect our country."

JROTC also played a significant role in Sanders life.

“It gave me something to participate in after school and there were always positive role models in the program such as First Sergeant, that I could look up," he said.

Sanders' grades, medical records, and ASVAB test score were all aspects that qualified him for the military opportunity.

Sanders hopes to gain the opportunity to further his future and achieve his long-term goal of being a part of the army; which is something he wanted to achieve ever since he was a young child.