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The student voice of Detroit's High Schools.

Cass Tech


Is Your Community Safe?

The city of Detroit is known as the most dangerous city America. According to the FBI data collected recently, Detroit saw a 15% increase in crime in 2016.


The secret to success at CT

According to the Irish Time, the Keys to Being a Successful Student are as follows: Good Time Management Organization Realistic Schedule Having a “Study Timetable” Lots of Reminders Cass Technical High School is one of the top schools of it’s district.


Michigan Principal of the Year awarded to Cass Tech's Lisa Phillips

Affectionately known as “Principal Oprah” – Lisa Phillips passes out scholarships and opportunities to her students like the Billionaire Journalist the same way Oprah Winfrey once passed out gifts to her audience on the Oprah show.     In August of 2010, Cass Tech made the decision to hire Lisa Phillips as their new principal.

Cass Tech point guard and captain Leonard Silas might be small in size but he plays a massive game.

Little man, big game

Little man, Big Game Senior Point Guard Leonard Silas leads the Varsity basketball team to the finals Varsity Basketball Head Coach Steve Hall stated, “this is one of the best records I’ve ever had entering into the playoffs.” The Cass Tech basketball team has beat 7 of the teams they have lost to in previous seasons. Senior Captain and point guard Leonard Silas, might be small in stature but he brings a big game to the court.

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