Today’s youth are looked down on for their social media habits and seemingly chronic use of cellphones. But what if social media benefits kids around the world in and out of the classroom?

Social media usage can be a controversial topic. It can be viewed as a distraction for the generation. Some people are even against children using apps such as Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. However, new apps and different teaching methods involving technology can benefit students.

Edmodo, a main tool used in classrooms around the world, is a prime example. Edmodo states that it is a free classroom communication hub that lets you engage with your classes and connect with teachers globally. Students use Edmodo to turn in assignments, to message teachers and students in their class. Overall, students become more invested their school work because of the convenience of access provided by technology.

Kahoot! is also another example of beneficial technology. Kahoot! is a free gaming quiz website that is used in classrooms on students’ phones to study for quizzes and tests. Kahoot's quizzes range from many subjects from U.S. History to Calculus. Kahoot is also beneficial because it allows anyone to create on their website. So, if a “quiz” does not properly cover the topics teachers are trying to cover, they can make their own quiz. Furthermore, students can even make their own quizzes since it is accessible to everyone.

Remind is another example of beneficial technology usage. Remind is an app that sends alerts to your device from your teacher. Remind is a tool used in schools to allow teachers to communicate easily with their students and parents. These alerts are sent by staff, including teachers and advisors, to get alerts on homework, deadlines, or communication/help between students, teachers, etc. It is favorable for teachers to communicate to their class and no kids are left behind. It also gives the students a voice, features such as polls and comments are promoted in the app as well.

These apps and websites are providing a new era of teaching. It makes the classroom more accessible for both students and teachers. These new creations of technology provide a better understanding and communication for classrooms around the world, all thanks to technology.