Earth is in a crisis, and it is our duty to help. Humans are the primary cause in the downfall of earth’s health. 

We spend each day tearing our home apart; littering, burning coal and fossil fuels increased use of greenhouse gases due to deforestation, etc. 

Although social media challenges such as the #10YearChallenge and new Netflix shows that are entertaining, we as humans should be focused on the viability of our planet. At the rate we’re going earth isn’t going to last very long with all of the harmful treatment we have been giving to it. 

With the climate changing for the worst and not better, we will be experiencing long term effects very soon if society doesn’t change its ways. 

Long term effects may consist of even more severe droughts and extreme winter weather, the large increase in ocean water temperatures endangering wildlife.

Marine wildlife aren’t the only ones that are in trouble but animals that walk the land that we live on are too, many wild animals are experiencing the loss of habitat due to the recent amount of wildfires happening in forests that shelter thousands of animals. With the increase of droughts and wildfires occurring simultaneously, forests are not able to recover properly and restore its’ natural structure.

If you have ever watched a science fiction movie, “Into the Storm or Day after Tomorrow,” where suddenly a major tsunami, snowstorm or hurricanes hit a city and the main characters had to fight for survival trying to look for shelter and safety, you should know that it could be us any day. With the rise in earth’s overall temperature natural phenomena is bound to happen any day now. 

It is time for us to lend a helping rather than unhelpful hand to the earth. One solution may be to end climate denial (the denial that climate change/global warming exists), which seems to be a largely held idea of those who own wealthy oil companies. These companies claim that fossil fuels don’t have an impact on the health of our planet, indeed which they absolutely do and has been proven by several renowned scientists who work with NASA. 

Major companies don’t only hold this responsibility for restoring the Earth’s well-being, anyone can help and everyone makes a difference. The simple act of cleaning up litter in the streets and recycling would make a huge positive impact. 

Other ways to establish a more ecological friendly footprint is to travel less by car, reduce the amount of energy you use on a daily basis, and conserve water. 

The next time you happen to watch a science fiction movie that involves a natural disaster, consider how you help the planet.