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Why do students turn to technology to cheat?

Technological devices are everywhere around us, there’s no escaping it. Technology happens to be one of the easiest gadgets students use to cheat today according to the NYU dispatch a publishing platform for student pieces.

Apps such as “Photomath” and “Slader” are available to help students in math when it comes to cheating.

Gadgets such as smartphones, tablets, computers and calculators aid students in taking shortcuts instead of gathering the material mentally.

While some students feel as if using technology to cheat is OK, sophomore Kalimah Woodson feels the contrary.

“I feel that using technology to cheat is taking away from the value of learning, and making students mentally lazy,” she said.

Cheating on exams isn’t a new phenomenon but the use of technology recently appeared on the scene.

CollegeXpress reports that most of the time students who cheat are those with a great grade point average trying to maintain that academic average. Most students cheat just to get the job done.

“I do not feel as if cheating is OK as long as you get the job done, because cheating doesn’t teach you anything,” Skylar Griffin said. “If the question were to pop up anywhere else you would not know how to answer it, because you cheated and did not retain any information.”

In the long run a student who repeatedly cheats could possibly be affected in the future. 

If students have adopted a serious attitude then in the future they will not be serious in important and knowledge based offenses.

In the long run you start to think if cheating is even worth it?

Cheating leads to nothing but future mistakes in life, and you may not understanding the material, a dishonest life, a life of wrongfully manipulating, and dishonest behavior.


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